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Gayle Howard, Owner
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About Yayas Cake Shoppe
Yayas Cake Shoppe is family-owned and operated right here in Springfield, TN. Established in 2010. 

My Name is Gayle Howard and I've baked cakes for years, although they were just for my family and friends. In 2009 I had started making more elaborate cakes and had so many people asking me if I would make cakes for them. Then just a few months later the building materials supplier I was working for closed their doors. It was then that I started thinking about how I was going to make a living. Things started to fall into place with the help of family and friends... Thank you Carrie for all your help I wouldn't be here if not for all your advice and support! With their help I decided that going to work for myself making specialty cakes could be an answer to my prayers. So we built an addition to our home to serve as my cake shoppe. I have always loved baking and taught myself how to make and work with fondant, gumapste and modeling chocolate. I also taught myself how to decorate, build and sculpt cakes. I carry a current Health certificate and we are inspected by the health department. I look forward to working with you & designing a cake for your special day.

Custom made for your special day!